What is the Cloud?

The cloud or cloud computing is a term used to describe a distinct model of computing systems that decentralizes and commoditizes the request handling, data storage, and request fulfillment. Most people now think of the cloud as a team of servers that respond to requests as a single unit.

By implementing this model engineers solve several challenges including the following:

1Reliability – The Cloud is ‘self healing’, because there is redundancy in the system no single point of failure will result in degraded user experiences. Parts of the cloud that are not functioning at peak performance are removed and other systems take their place.
2Scalability – dynamic on-demand provisioning of resources insures that applications and systems scale in real time based on resource requirements. User spikes happen and are often unpredictable. The system is designed to scale with the spike and never miss a beat.
3Performance – monitoring the system in real time prevents bottle necks and provisioning of additional resources as needed keeps the whole system running smoothly. The Cloud does not run at full capacity, so there is always resources available to ‘take up the slack’ if any part of the system is not functioning optimally.
4Multi-tenancy – by centralizing the infrastructure cost to maintain the system goes down these resources are shared by users of the system. It just works better when we share the surplus with our neighbors.
5Cost – by pooling resources and infrastructure the cost goes down while quality service goes up. It is possible now to provide our clients an unheard of level of reliability and service at very low expense.

At Unseen Revolution

we host sites in the cloud. This gives us the opportunity to improve your sites performance while at the same time providing extremely economical hosting.

Hosting you can depend on at a price you can afford.

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UnseenRevolution.com Portland, OR Category: Webinar
UnseenRevolution.com Portland, OR Category: Webinar
UnseenRevolution.com Portland, OR Category: Webinar