So, you have a small website. Why spend the time and effort to insure that your website will handle the crowd?

The Scenario

Have you ever wonder what would happen if one day you just had several thousand people visit your website? Well, for most shared hosted websites it doesn’t turn out to be a very pretty. Shared hosted providers often place many, many websites on the same box. It makes sense, for the most part the sites work and the more they can get on a box, the more money they can make. Hosting is a very, very low margin endeavor. They work great for everyday traffic, but they just can’t take the load.

So, say you have been working hard and you have build an amazing website, with great content, and you have been marketing it. One day, a big website find your content and mentions it on their site. All you hard work has finally paid off. You are finally getting the recognition for the quality that has taken months (years?) to produce.

The Flood Begins

It starts with just a trickle. No one would notice, but over 15 minutes you have more new visitors than you have had all month. In the next 30 minutes you have more visitors than you have had all year. People are finding compelling content, and are looking around, exploring what you have created. It is what you have been dreaming of. However, page load time have started increasing, the server is straining to keep up with all the requests. In the next 30 minutes, more people come to your site than have ever visited in the past. Your server is over whelmed and it all comes undone. Pages are taking minutes to load, if they load at all. Many people are just getting errors.

Failure by Success

What could have been your big break, becomes a big flop. On the day you had the most eyes, your server fails you. At that point it really doesn’t matter how much work you have done, the thousands of people that could have been new clients are gone. Chances are slim that they will return. The opportunity had been missed.

Plan for Success

With just a little bit of planning and preparation, the scenario could have been very different. With the proper systems in place, your site could have scaled and you could have handled the on slot with grace and agility. At Unseen Revolution we plan for success. Reviewing your infrastructure and suggesting what will make the difference. That way when all your hard work finally pays off you can enjoy it with friends in stead of wishing you were prepared.

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UnseenRevolution.com Portland, OR Category: Webinar
UnseenRevolution.com Portland, OR Category: Webinar
UnseenRevolution.com Portland, OR Category: Webinar