At Unseen Revolution we take a 4 step approach:

1Build on a Firm Foundation.
The foundation of your application is the hardware. Make sure it is secure, scalable, and highly available. We use Rackspace, the leader in the scalable cloud computing for most of our sites. It insures that your application is responsive, and will scale out efficiently and smoothly. It is cost effective hosting with power when you need it.

2Build with a Quality CMS
There are a bunch of great open source Content Management Systems (CMS) out there. They are reliable, expandable, and very easy to use. Best of all, most are Free (that is a great price). Many of our clients like to use WordPress, it is the world’s most popular CMS/Blogging system. We also can handle, Drupal, Joomla!, Expression Engine, Movable Type, and ModX. Our server platform can handle PHP and Windows Server (.NET) applications.

3Leverage a CDN
A Content Distribution Network (CDN) is key to insuring your application is highly available. It offloads all of the webpages asset from your origin server to a locally cached, low latency systems. Each request is routed to the fastest server based on current internet conditions. This means that you have hundreds if not thousands of servers servicing your web requests. It is a quick, efficient, and financial viable way of insuring your client has an extraordinary experience.

4Optimize Your Application
Often over looked, content optimization make a huge difference in how many users your can serve. Optimizing images, CSS, and Javascript assets can reduce your page size by half. That means people get their content faster (and cheaper for you). It is also important to insure the code that runs your website is optimized. Often people are just happy when the page works. Great code not only works, but works efficiently.

With these 4 approached, we insure that our clients are happy because their clients are happy.

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