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Around The World in 80 Hours

iPhone Documentary

6 part documentary series following an adventure around the world in just 80 hrs to see how technology continues to shape our lives entirely captured with an iPhone.

Get Started: Angular Cloud Data Connector

AngularCDC: Angular Cloud Data Connector, is a library for AngularJS that allows you to work seamlessly with many data sources.

Angular Controller with Baseclass

Use angular controller baseclass share methods required by all controllers in a single easy to manage BaseCtrl class.

jQuery Ajax Post

jQuery: In this short article we'll look at loading data from the server using a AJAX HTTP Post Request.

jQuery $(document).ready() shorthand - domready

jQuery $(document).ready() function is guaranteed to be executed after the DOM is ready. Here are a few variations including shorthand and noConflict.

jQuery External Links

Open in New Window

Use jQuery and CSS to automatically open any external link in a new window. Style external link for improved visual impact.

jQuery .Ajax Error Handling Function

.ajaxSetup() for jQuery AJAX error handling: HTTP Status Code 404/500 errors, and JSON parse errors for $.get, $.post, $.ajax calls.

Solution Firefox Font Face Cross Domain Problem

Fix the Firefox font-face cross domain problem with a simple change to the .htaccess file.

Video: Optimizing Angular.JS Application

At performance problems encountered in large angular application.

jQuery Lightbox

jQuery: build a fully function lightbox to meet your specific needs.