This 6 part documentary series following an adventure around the world in just 80 hrs to see how technology continues to shape our lives entirely captured with an iPhone.

Episode 01:

Around the World in 80 Hours: New York City: Crossroads of the World

We start in New York City: the crossroads of the world. It’s a great place to set the stage for the questions that got me started on this adventure.

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What is the Angular Cloud Data Connector?

Angular Cloud Data Connector, or AngularCDC is a library for AngularJS that allows you to work seamlessly with many data sources. AngularCDC supports offline mode and can handle all CRUD operations for you.

jQuery provides a quick, robust and easy way to request data from the server without a page reload through AJAX. In this short article we’ll look at loading data from the server using a HTTP Post Request.

jQuery .ready()

JavaScript provides the load event for executing code when a page is rendered. This event gets triggered when the download assets such as images has completed. However, most people want their script to run as soon as the DOM hierarchy has been fully constructed. jQuery provides the .ready() for just this purpose. This is the corresponding domready function in Mootools.

When it comes to website management links are huge. Most people realize that if they have a link off their site that it is a possibility that they will loose person. Now, if the goal for your website it to keep customers where they can buy from you, it makes sense to never send a customer away.

Firefox Font-Face Cross Domain Problem:

The other day I was working on a website that we were accelerating with a content deliver network (CDN). All the static content was to go through the cdn including the styles (css) file. We ran into a weird bug on Firefox. Font-face styles were not showing. The fonts were loading off the sub domain while the rest of the site was running off

Youtube Link Karl Seamon a Senior Software Engineer at Google looks at performance problems encountered in large angular application and provides:

  1. Basics and Best Practices
  2. Diagnosing performance problems
  3. Improving performance within AngularJS

So, the other day I was building a popup dialog box based on the principals seen in most light boxes. I wanted the box to be centered top and bottom and left and right. The obvious choice was to use jQuery, but I wanted something that would be reusable.

Some might say there is really just 1 thing to remember about making good Wordpress website. Make it fast. Speeding up your Wordpress site will improve user experience and also improve your sites SEO. Using a CDN to distribute your jQuery library is a great place to start.

Getting Your Business on Google Maps

If you’re a local business and are looking to drive local customers to your business site, a great place to start is Google places and Google maps. According to a new study from Bizible there are a few easy things you can do to improve your SEO and move up in the Google local rankings.